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The Lantern School

The Lantern School

  • Confidence

  • Perseverance

  • Caring

  • Teamwork

Vision and Values

At the Lantern School our children, staff, parents and governors have decided that our vision statement is that the children at our school will be:

Shining Lights In Our Communities.

We recognise that the children are part of many different and diverse communities and try to celebrate this in school. We also like to concentrate on 8 communities which every child in the school belongs to.

  1. Their family, the people they live with every day.
  2. Their class, the children they see each day at school.
  3. Their house team, children who they regularly collaborate and share common goals with.
  4. Their school, our school, which we all share.
  5. Their city, Ely, the place which the school is in and where most of the children live.
  6. Their country, the British Isles, its values and identity.
  7. Their continent, what it means to be a part of European culture.
  8. Their planet, our world, what can they do to make it a better place?

These 8 communities are reflected on the 8 sides of the Octagon Tower on which our Lantern symbol is based. We ask the children to think about how they can make these communities better places to be for others and themselves through the values they demonstrate on a daily basis.




Team work

These values represent the light that the children can shine in their communities and this is in turn reflected by the four turrets at the top of the tower.


  • We aim for our pupils to have confidence in who they are and what their role is in school and the wider world
  • We seek to foster a growth mindset – learning from mistakes and developing as individuals
  • We encourage pupils to have the confidence to do the right thing even when it is difficult


  • We reinforce perseverance at every opportunity
  • We expect pupils not to give up when things become difficult and we expect pupils to encourage others to do the same
  • We explain that relationships, as well as work, may require perseverance and we provide strategies to help pupils persevere in these


  • We encourage pupils to care about themselves at all times and to see themselves as important
  • We model and foster showing empathy to others
  • We promote caring for the local and global environment


  • We encourage collaboration and interaction at every opportunity
  • We help pupils to recognise that whilst it is sometimes good to work alone, at many other times they can achieve greater things when they work together
  • We recognise the achievements of others and celebrate together in successes



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